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Sound Like Heartwork - Studio Pack

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This pack seeks to recreate the legendary and amazing saturated high gain guitar tone of the Heartwork album. Produced by the legendary Colin Richardson, this album features a unique guitar tone that still to this day sounds fresh and exciting.

During the album they used a Peavey 5150 boosted with a Marshall Guv’nor pedal trough a custom-built Marshall “Frankencab”. The cab was mic’d with 2 SM57s, one directly in the center of the cone and one on the edge of the speaker.

Apparently, Colin Richardson applied EQ to both sides a bit differently, but we think the end result is quite close to the album itself. We used a Studio Equalizer in the Kemper to make the final tweaks and to get as close as possible to the original album tone.

This pack features 6 studio profiles, with 3 different amounts of gain applied from the Marshall Guv'nor pedal. We profiled each pedal setting with 2 cabs with Celestion V30 and G12T-75 elements.

All possible future updates and profiles that are added are included in the price!