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Bogna Uberschall - DI Pack

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All Out Studios present: Kemper DI Profile pack based on the legendary Bogner Uberschall amplifier. This pack includes 21 high quality DI profiles all in different settings of the amp. Settings vary from pristine cleans to high gain tones, bringing out all different characteristics and features of the amp with that desired amp in the room feel!

The profiles are made to sound good through a 4x12 cabinet and they're not mixed, so that you as a customer have full control of the profiles and how you decide to use them. The only tweaks that have been made are only to get the profile as close as possible to the sound of the original amp and its settings. Some profiles are boosted with a Maxon 808 and some profiles have a Kemper Green Scream boost activated.

The profiles were done using a Laboga 4x12 Pro cabinet with V30 speakers dor monitoring. More detailed information can be viewed in the profiler and by using Rig Manager.

All possible future updates and profiles that are added are included in the price!

All demos below are played through a Celestion V30 IR!