We will reamp your DI tracks through our Kemper Profiling Amp and our collection of Profiles. We offer a wide selection of amps and tones, everything from crispy cleans to high gain metal!

All demos of our Kemper Profiles can be found here

Here's how it works:

  1. Record your guitar though a DI box and/or interface into your DAW
  2. Edit the takes and make sure there are no mistakes or clicks and pops in the audio
  3. Render/export the tracks as high quality WAW files
  4. Contact us at
  5. Add an accurate description of what you want, or if you want a certain sound from our demos on our web-shop send us a link to that exact demo. You can also let us decide and just send us a song that you like for reference!
  6. Let us know if you want some stompboxes, extra distortions or effects to be used or if you want us to mix the tracks.
  7. Send us your files, relax and wait for your revision!


Prices start at 25$ for 1 song, 90$ for an EP of up to 5 songs and 160$ for a full album of up to 10 songs. Send us an email to with an accurate description of what kind of tone your after, how many songs and how many DI tracks that you need reamped and we'll get back to you with an offer!