What is a Kemper Profiling Amplifier (KPA)?

- The KPA is an amazing device and tool that can reproduce and come extremely close to profiling the sound and feel of a guitar amplifier. The device can hold up to 1000 different profiles, so for a Kemper user the options in different guitar gear are pretty much endless. Imagine having hundreds of different and rare tube amplifiers, the cost in money and space is something that very few people can afford. With a KPA anybody can harvest a wide variety of different rigs and amps with a fraction of the cost! The added benefit of the KPA is not blowing your ears off like a traditional tube amplifier cranked to its sweet spot would!


What is included in the pack that I just bought?

- After purchasing you will get a download link to your email for a .zip file that you can download to your PC or Mac. After you have downloaded the file you can proceed to unzip the file with the software tool of your choice. In the pack you will find a Read_me.pdf file with instructions to installing the profiles to your KPA. You will have a folder with the profiles of the amp and rig, plus a .pdf file with descriptions of the different profiles.


How do I install the profiles on my KPA?

- The instructions for installing the profiles are included in every pack on purchasing. We recommend using the free Kemper Rig Manager software to transfer the profiles to your KPA as it is the easiest and most simple option. You can also move the profiles to a dedicated USB stick and use that instead. Remember that the USB stick needs to be formatted by the KPA first, in order for it to work. 


I didn't get my profiles, what's wrong?

- First of all, we're very sorry if this happened. Sometimes emails can get lost in spam or junk email (please check) or some email providers won't let them trough at all. If this happens contact us via email at studios@allout.fi and make sure that the email contains all the information from your purchase! That way we'll save time in not needing to go back and forth with important info that we need to go through, in order to pinpoint the exact sale.


The profile doesn't sound like demo, whats up?

- The KPA works like a traditional guitar amplifier. That means that everything around it will effect the tone. The biggest difference will be from your guitar and the tone that it produces. Everything from the guitar itself, the pickups, what gauge of strings to your picking style and finger tone will effect the overall sound. Also the speakers or headphones you use maybe voiced differently so they may/will add their own character to the sound as well.


What kind of gear is used in the demos? 

We try to use a guitar that is the most fitting option for the genre and tone in question. Here are the guitars that we have been using:

  • Jackson King V Pro (Duncan Mayhem pickups)
  • Jackson JS32-7 Dinky (Duncan Blackout pickups)
  • Kramer 610 (Dimarzio H2N pickup)
  • Tokai Sykes Signature Les Paul (Tokai pickups)
  • Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (Gibson pickups)