About us

All Out Studios was started by event production company All Out Productions in late 2020 in Helsinki, Finland. Because of the ongoing pandemic made it impossible to produce events and gigs, we took to our other passion of guitar recording and excellent guitar tones to produce our own line of Kemper Profiles. The plan is to build up a vast collection of amps in Studio, Merged and DI profile packs, with the main focus on the customer and their needs for Kemper Profiles!

Our first studio profiling weekend was in early February 2020. We entered Saarni Studios in Vantaa, Finland to create Studio Kemper Profile packs of 4 different amps. We spent the weekend refining and going through each amp and their tonal characteristics to produce the best packs possible. After that we've been tackling our own amps in order to produce our first line of DI Kemper Profile packs!

We're really excited about the end results and hope that you will be as excited as we are when you plug your guitar into your Kemper and crank out one of our profiles!

More Kemper Profile packs are planned and will be released regularly, stay tuned!